April 5, 2011

Time lapse video of Construction and Installation of 3+3

Molecular Three and Three from James Surls on Vimeo.

Time Lapse video. 1 minute 43 seconds

"3+3" was built at James Surls' Colorado studio, then installed in front of the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston on March 28, 2011.
Stainless Steel.
"3+3" was constructed by James Surls and Tai Pomara.

From a documentary in progress, produced by Greg Poschman, Director/ DP.
Additional camera work and editor: Danny Brown
Shot with Canon 7D for video, Canon 20D and Nikon D300 for Timelapse.


  1. Thank you for sharing the video, Mr. James Surls. I appreciate your words of insight, and watching the physical process of constructing the piece take place. I hope to get to meet you when you bring your work to the Music City Center in Nashville. And as to sharing, I am sharing this link with my friends... Lena Arice Lucas

  2. Thank you for showing the process -thought and fabrication...
    Would love to see photos of the shadows this sculpture casts.

  3. I enjoyed the video of the creation of "Molecular 3+3". Every day I pass this sculpture at 7 AM on the commuter bus I take daily to go to work. When I first noticed it, I was puzzled and couldn't understand it. I began to anticipate seeing it each day so I could ponder it's form. After a while it seemed more organic and became my "friendly alien" that greeted me each morning.
    I also drive past your other work, "The Walking Molecular Flower". Thank you for sharing your vision and work with us!